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2015 Abstract Presentations
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Opening Session Abstracts
Lisa K. Pearson, DVM,MS, DACT 5:00 PM Granulosa-theca cell tumor in a dairy doe: endocrinology and surgical treatment
Mariana Diel de Amorim, DVM, DVSc, DACT 5:15 PM Progesterone levels at the expected time of luteolysis in diestrus, pregnant, carbetocin and oxytocin treated mares
Felipe Farias Pereira Camara Barros, Med Vet, MS 5:30 PM In vitro maturation of goat oocytes recovered during the non-breeding season
Lisa K. Pearson, DVM,MS, DACT 5:45 PM XX/XY chimerism in an infertile female alpaca born as a singleton cria
Maria Soledad Ferrer, DVM, MS, DACT 6:00 PM Sperm-bound antisperm antibodies affect the oviductal binding index of bovine spermatozoa
Jamie L. Stewart, DVM 6:15 PM A comparison of different extenders for cryopreservation of semen in white-tailed deer
Soon Hon Cheong, DVM, PhD, DACT 6:30 PM Parturition augmentation in mares – efficacy and safety
Fernando J. Peῆa DVM, PhD, DECAR 6:45 PM 8 ISO prostaglandin F2a is produced during in vitro incubation of stallion spermatozoa and correlates with sperm death

Thursday, August 6, 2015
Competitive Session Abstracts
Katherine Rhodes-Long, BS 9:00 AM Lipid content and cryopreservation of Jersey cattle embryos
Robyn Ellerbrock, DVM 9:15 AM Diagnosis and effects of urine contamination on stallion semen cooling
Seth Bynum, BS 9:30 AM Circulating miRNAs and associated gene regulations in puerperal metritis in dairy cows
Carolynne Jane Tarr, BSc, BVSc, MSc 9:45 AM Ovarian function in pony mares undergoing porcine zona pellucida immunocontraception
Jamie L. Stewart, DVM 10:00 AM Long-term effects of clinical applications of pyrethrin and cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, on bull reproductive parameters
Rachel Shutter, BS 10:15 AM Seminal plasma mMicroRNAs: potential biomarkers for bull fertility
Stephanie Schroeder White 10:30 AM Fertility following two doses of PGF2α concurrently or at 6-hour interval on the day of CIDR removal in 5-day CO-Synch progesterone-based synchronization protocols in beef heifers
Ellie Bohrer 10:45 AM Histologic and morphometric evaluation of testes of feral tom kittens and cats


Friday, August 7, 2015
Equine Abstracts 
David P. Beehan, MVB, MS, DACT 10:30 AM Investigation of in vitro conditions required for equine reproductive tract Escherichia coli biofilm formation
Morgan E. Agnew, VMD 10:45 AM Pregnancy outcomes in Thoroughbred mares administered different doses of cloprostenol
Etta Bradecamp, DVM, DACT, ABVP 11:00 AM Ultrasonographic imaging of cervical defects in two mares with chronic infertility
Clare Scully, MA, DVM 11:15 AM Comparison of chemical and surgical vasectomy on testicular activity in free-roaming horses (Equus caballus)
Justin W. McNaughten, BVMS, DACT 11:30 AM A novel approach to removing retained fetal membranes in the mare
Mariana Diel de Amorim, DVM, DVSc, DACT 11:45 AM Progesterone levels and interovulatory intervals of mares treated with intrauterine fractionated coconut oil
Kelsey K. DiMiceli 12:00 PM The effect of repeated PGF20 induced antiluteogenesis in the interovulatory interval of mares
Margaret S. Bojko 12:15 PM Progesterone and eCG concentrations in a pregnant mare receiving intrauterine cloprostenol sodium


Food and Fiber Animal Abstracts
Michela Ciccarelli, DVM 10:30 AM Failure of anti-Müllerian hormone to diagnose cryptorchidism in a pot-bellied pig
Stephanie Schroeder White 10:45 AM MicroRNAs expression profiling in porcine spermatozoa of different breeds
Felipe Farias Pereira Camara Barros, Med Vet, MS 11:00 AM In vitro maturation of Cuniculus paca oocytes recovered by laparoscopic ovum pick-up (lapOPU)
Ahmed Tibary, DMV,MS, DSc, PhD, DACT 11:15 AM Cesarean section in camels (Camelus dromedarius): complications and post-surgical fertility
Alexis Campbell, DVM 11:30 AM Pregnancy length, cria birth weight, placental weight, and IgG concentration in Suri alpacas
Tyler Dohlman, DVM 11:45 AM Evaluation of novel sampling technique for bovine trichomoniasis (Tritrichomonas foetus)
Sandra Ayres, DVM, DACT 12:00 PM Comparison of estrus, breeding and pregnancy rates in goats during the non-breeding season using a short P4 protocol with and without GnRH or hCG.
Brittni Jones, BS 12:15 PM Prevalence of tritrichomonas foetus in tennessee beef bulls


Small Animal Abstracts
Amber Lengele 10:30 AM Evaluation of a novel swim-up protocol and protein source on canine sperm progressive motility, concentration and acrosome reaction.
Reto Fritsche, DVM, DACT 10:45 AM Concentration dependent effect of prostatic fluid on seminal parameters of cooled canine semen
C. Scott Bailey, DVM, DACT 11:00 AM Canine vaginal lactic acid producing bacteria exhibit characteristics which may antagonize common urogenital pathogens
Andrea Hesser, DVM 11:15 AM Effect of male age on semen parameters in a purebred dog breeding program with established fertility parameters
Seth Bynum, BS 11:30 AM Gene expression of Retinoic Acid receptors in post-natal canine testis
Ramananthan Kasimanickam, BVSc, DVSc, DACT 11:45 AM Does cells enrichment influence the gene expression of Sertoli cells, Leydig cells and spermatogonia cells specific markers in canine testis?
Mary Ricker 12:00 PM Computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) to determine sperm concentration: a comparison of slide preparation methods using the Hamilton-Thorne and Minitube programs


Large Animal Abstracts
Patrick Brogan, BSc, BVSc 10:30 AM Using color flow doppler ultrasonography to estimate progesterone concentrations at embryo transfer and during early pregnancy in recipient mares
Mette Christoffersen, DVM, PhD 10:45 AM Infectious endometritis is associated with endometrial expression of transforming growth factor-β and integrin α5β1
S. L. Hill 11:00 AM Breeding soundness of weaned bull calves treated with bolus injections of trace minerals
Catalina Cabrera, DVM, MPVM 11:15 AM The effect of progesterone intravaginal devices (CIDRS), P.G. 600 and ram effect on hastening the onset of cyclicity of transitional targhee ewes
Kayla Nielsen, BSc 11:30 AM Tissue oxytocinase activity in mares
Kathryn Bass 11:45 AM Evaluation of dexamethasone on fetal maturation and delivery in mares when administered on days 305 to 307 of gestation
Heidi Joy Fishman, DVM 12:00 PM Comparison of Monday-Friday 4-day versus 5-day Co-Synch + controlled internal drug release (CIDR) + timed artificial insemination (TAI) protocols in beef heifers
Dale E. Kelley, MS, PhD 12:15 PM Uterine and Corpus Luteal Vascular dynamics on day 34 of pregnancy do not differ between dairy cattle which abort or carry pregnancy to term


Jennifer Pearson, DVM Removal of an intrauterine mineralized caruncle from a Holstein cow by colpotomy and hysterotomy
Bruna da Rosa Curcio, DVM, PhD Clinical and metabolic evaluation in hyperlactatemics foals from mares with placentitis
Chance L. Armstrong, DVM The detection of Tritrichomonas Foetus in bovine semen with centrifugation and PCR
David A. Trundell, DVM, MRCVS Pharmacokinetics after intrauterine infusion of ciprofloxacin in the mare
Hanne Gervi Pedersen, DVM, PhD Embryo quality grade and recipient ovulation rate affect pregnancy rates in embryo transfer recipient mares
Fernanda Maria Pazinato, DVM, Ms Non-infectious conditions of placenta in mares and their relation with obstetric and neonatal dates
Swanand Sathe, BVSc, MVSc, MS, DACT Evaluation of salivary progesterone profiles as an indicator of reproductive status in equines
Leda Maria Costa Pereira, VM, MSc Effect of epidermal growth factor supplementation during different culture periods on in vitro maturation of canine oocytes
Leda Maria Costa Pereira, VM, MSc Evaluation of p34cdc2 protein kinase activity during in vitro maturation of canine oocytes

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