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Student Proficiency Awards
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Proficiency in Theriogenology Award Winners


Julie Van Scoik - VA-MD Regional CVM

Emily Ligon - Texas A&M University CVM

Mary Briggs - Midwestern University CVM

Brittany Shumack - Auburn University CVM

Ashley Davenport - University of Georgia CVM

Catherine C. Thurston - University of Pennsylvania SVM

Cory Anderson - Oklahoma State University CVM

Austin Knapp - Ross University SVM

Meredith Versteeg - Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI

Renee Saxton - Oregon State University CVM

Ashley Allemand - Louisiana State University SVM

Kathleen Flanagan - Kansas State University CVM

Nicole Sugai - University of Illinois CVM

Alex Hegg - Purdue University CVM

Matty May - Mississippi State University CVM

Lauren Marie DeGennaro - Cornell University CVM

Hailey Ehlers - Iowa State University CVM

Sherrie Satmary - University of Florida CVM


Kaitlyn McCombs - Auburn University CVM

Zachary Turner - University of Georgia CVM

Hanum Wensil-Strow - University of Pennsylvania SVM

Sarah Jacobs - University of California-Davis SVM

Melissa Whitehill - Midwestern University CVM

Kara Leavitt - Oregon State University CVM

Sarah Cook - Louisiana State University CVM

Brenda Stadelmann - Atlantic Veterinary College, PEI

Lindsey Rothrock - University of Illinois CVM

Sara Alves - Kansas State University CVM

Amanda Cain Dempsey - Mississippi State University CVM

Katie Schilling - University of Florida CVM

Hannah Ellsworth - Iowa State University CVM

Susan Sperling - Cornell University CVM


Tyler McGill - VA - MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine        

Rachael McPhail - Texas A&M University CVM

Christine Garrett - Auburn University CVM

Jason Ginn - University of Georgia CVM

Kelly London - University of California-Davis SVM

Madonna Morrison - Atlantic Veterinary College

Casey Wollangk - Ross University SVM

Beth Kocab - Oklahoma State University CVM

Leatrice Elliman - University of Pennsylvania SVM

Rachel Montgomery Mayfield - Mississippi State University CVM

Dalton Pate - Mississippi State University CVM

Lindsey M. Hall - Louisiana State University SVM

Kimberly Carr - Kansas State University CVM

Dale Kelley - University of Florida CVM

Megan Mattravers - Oregon State University CVM

Kristina Baltutis - North Carolina State CVM

Tyler Grussing - Iowa State University CVM

Taylor Anna Mahren - Cornell University CVM


Erin Struble - VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Drew Hestad - Auburn University CVM

Justin Brown - University of Georgia CVM

Margaret Bojko - University of Illinois CVM

Jessica Robertson - UC Davis SVM

Cody Anspach - Purdue University CVM

Jonathan Wesson - North Carolina State CVM

Rudolph Salber - University of Pennsylvania SVM

Paige Veysey - Atlantic Veterinary College

Lacey Robinson - Kansas State University, CVM

Stasia Sullivan - Oklahoma State University-CVM

Bryan Roberts - Ross University-SVM

Kaila Hewitt - University of Florida-CVM

Tate Buxton - Morris Cornell University CMV

Matt Ryan - Mississippi State University CVM

Derek Howell - The Ohio State University CVM

Casey Kaltenbach - Iowa State University CVM

Shawna Westmark - Oregon State University CVM


Patrick Godfrey - Auburn University CVM

Catherine Stoner - The Ohio State University CVM

Shelby Costello - VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Britni Burns - Texas A&M University CVM

Courtney Brumbaugh - Purdue University CVM

John-David Folsom - Oklahoma State University CVHS

MaloRee Allen - Saint Georges University SVM

Katelyn Ellis - University of Georgia CVM

Michelle Caissie - Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI

Joseph Guevara - University of Florida CVM

Dagmara Lukaszek - University of Illinois CVM

Kale Hatten - Mississippi State Univ CVM

Mark Caldwell - Kansas State University CVM

Melissa Terrero - Colorado State University CVM

Dana Newtson - Iowa State University CVM

Sarah Ann Fadden - Cornell University CVM

Ana Malone Oliver - University of Pennsylvania SVM

Claire Johnston - WesternU CVM

Rachael Ann Lyons - UC Davis SVM

Travis Holland - LSU SVM


Misty Clausen - Oregon State University CVM

Meghan Connor - University of Florida CVM

Rebecca Durand - Louisiana State Univ-SVM

Caitlin Fletcher - Cornell University CVM

Dillon E. Harvey - Iowa State University CVM

Amber Johnson - UC Davis SVM

Jacob Kiefer - Kansas State University CVM

Angelo Marco - Western University of Health Sciences

Megan Moschgat - University of Pennsylvania SVM

Kyle O'Nan - Mississippi State Univ - CVM

Chad Pelensky - VA-MD Regional CVM

Michael J. Peplowski - The Ohio State University CVM

Hoyt Rees - University of Illinois CVM

Susan Rodgers - Mississippi State Univ - CVM

Paige Taylor - Louisiana State Univ-SVM

Hannah Thomas - Auburn University CVM

Amanda E. Wilson - Oklahoma State University

Megan Yanos - Atlantic Veterinary College/UPEI

Kyle Yarde - Purdue University CVM


Morgan Agnew - University of Pennsylvania

Zach Brown - Mississippi State University

Anna Daniel - Auburn University

Benjamin Estes - Oklahoma State University

Kyle R. Fisk - University of Florida

Caitlin E. Jeffrey - Cornell University

Kate M. Myslik - St. Matthews University

Amy Nooyen - Purdue University

Erika Schumacher - Iowa State University

Timothy Thibodeaux - Louisiana State University

Karin Thomasson - Kansas State University

Heather Tomaszewski - VA-MD Regional College

Lacey L. Werczynski - Ross University

Robyn Wyer - Atlantic College, UPEI

Esther Zakowski - UC Davis

Jason L. Zwilling - University of Illinois


Daniel Cafarelli - VA-MD Regional CVM

Jarrod Harney - Mississippi State University

DaThaniel Kester - Oklahoma State University

Edit Meese - Oregon State University

Scott Morley - Washington State University

Stephen M. Ray - Tuskegee University

Haley Lynn Resler - Purdue University

Whitney Revell - Kansas State University

Michael Sheruda - University of Penn

Jared Voge - Iowa State University


Kate Taylor Brown - Oregon State University

Chelsie Burden - Kansas State University

Alexander Hagan - Auburn University

Kristina Janson - Iowa State University

Jodi Anne Lasko - University of Penn

Samuel Nelson - Washington State University

Kamalailia Neizmen - Mississippi State University


Linx Alexanderson - Oregon State University

Allison Kiser - Iowa State University

Valerie Meyer - Kansas State University

Nick Patterson - Auburn University

Benjamin Richard Wise - University of Penn

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