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Student Membership & Chapters
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Student Membership and Chapters

From the Student Liaison Committee

Drs J. Alexander, P. Chenoweth (Chair), M. Root-Kustritz, A. Tibary

The future of the Society for Theriogenology (SFT) depends upon our ability to inspire and recruit each new generation of members. For most students, their first encounter with theriogenology is during Veterinary School; an experience which helps to shape their perceptions of theriogenologists and what they do. The nature of this initial experience is critical for creating interest and involvement in theriogenology while competing with many other student interests and activities. This provides challenges for theriogenology faculty, house officers and the SFT faculty student liaison representative(s) at each college.

The student liaison committee has sought to assist the pivotal role of SFT faculty liaison representatives in this task. A survey was conducted of current liaisons, and new liaisons were identified to fill gaps.  The most important identified needs were improved communications between the liaison representatives and SFT HQ, and better marketing of the advantages of student membership of the SFT, particularly those available as members of a local student chapter.  

Current benefits for student members of the SFT include:

Low annual dues ($10)

Discounted Therio Conference registration

Free online subscription to Clinical Theriogenology Journal
Free SFT membership the first year after graduation

Access to members-only portion of website

One free registration in the first five years after graduation

Free copy of the conference and symposia proceedings (online)

Chapters can obtain grants for use in theriogenology programs or projects.

A thriving student chapter at each Veterinary College is considered essential for the maintenance, if not growth, of the discipline of theriogenology within each institution. 

The Objectives and Requirements of SFT Student Chapters are as follows (approved Jan 2004):

Objectives of Student Chapters:

- To create interest in, and enhanced knowledge of theriogenology among veterinary students.

- To increase awareness of the importance of theriogenology as a veterinary discipline.

- To create a vital, dynamic link between veterinary students and the SFT.

- To create links between practicing theriogenologists and Veterinary students.

- To promote camaraderie among veterinary students who are interested in animal reproduction.

- To improve theriogenology skills among students.

Requirements of Student Chapters:

  1. The Chapter is officially registered with the SFT
  2. It has a faculty mentor/advisor who is a member of SFT
  3. An SFT student liaison officer is identified (who may be same person as above).
  4. A minimum of 5 members.
  5. A formal structure (including By-laws and elected officers, all of whom must be SFT student members)
  6. At least one formal organizational meeting per year.
  7. Provision of an annual report to SFT.

A number of other incentives are presently being mooted to facilitate the growth and viability of SFT Student Chapters. Here, advice and input from SFT members are both welcomed and essential as the future of the SFT and of the discipline of theriogenology are heavily dependent upon how well we impart our knowledge and passion to the upcoming generation of veterinarians.


For those contemplating either forming, or reinvigorating, a student chapter, excellent role models include those at:



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